Grace's Bio


 Grace Ventura was born with a passion for wellness, a desire to help others heal and live healthy lives, and has decades of experience as a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and wellness coach.

When Grace was fighting a cold in the winter 2014, she was craving soup but too sick to cook something from scratch. She made it to the grocery store, but couldn’t find a vegetable soup that would fulfill her craving, and not fill her with preservatives, excess sodium or sugar. With that realization came the idea to create Beyond Broth.

Grace knew she wanted her broths to offer an everyday wellness boost AND help address people’s health concerns: everything from tummy troubles and lack of energy to illnesses. Working with two of her daughters, Anjaneya and Galadriel, both of whom are licensed massage therapists and herbalists, the qualified trio experimented with different vegetable and herb combinations until they found the perfect intersection of flavor and wellness with three flavors: Immune, Yummy Tummy and Vitality. All are vegan and nutrient-dense, and each variety provides a different wellness benefit:  

  • Immune – strengthens the immune system with the addition of turmeric, reishi and cumin.  
  • Vitality – kicks you in the pants with a natural burst of energy through stamina-inducing rosemary, thyme, lemon and cayenne pepper.
  • Yummy Tummy – settles the tummy and supports digestive health with ginger, basil and parsley.

Today you can find Beyond Broth in over 400 natural and conventional grocery stores, such as Natural Grocers, King Sooper's, Lucky’s, Alfalfa’s, Sierra Trading well as online retailers such as Amazon and of course the website. Grace believes everyone deserves to be well-nourished every day for better overall wellness, and with Beyond Broth, Grace is empowering people to take control of their health.