Grace's 21 day Seasonal Cleanse

Welcome to your 21-day Cleanse!  A cleanse is the next step to nurture and regenerate the body. I am so glad you are joining me. It is much easier to do together. So let’s get started.

Cleanses change depending on the season. Foods that nourish and balance the body in the cold, dry, season are the sweet, sour and salty tastes. It's best to eat less of the astringent, bitter, and pungent tastes in winter, although all six tastes should be present in meals. Warm, home-cooked, soothing foods cooked with easy-to-digest oils such as Ghee, coconut or olive oil are ideal, avoiding deep-fried and leftover food, and cold or ice-cold foods, which do use the digestive fire.

Think Soups, broths, stews, hot tea and stewed fruit!

Here is a Synopsis of the 21 days:

  1. During the first week: We are simplifying from the carbs, sugars, meats & fats. This is a gradual process. As you can see on the Food List, some carbs and starchy veggies are acceptable. However, No SUGARS or alcohol. Only Stevia or monk fruit is acceptable. Green tea but no coffee.

If you want to eat meat, add small amounts of organic chicken and wild white fish (not farmed) or seafood like crab, shrimp, lobster. Lunch is preferably the main meal of the day if possible.

Since the body is winding down in the evening, the digestive juices and metabolism don’t work as hard. Therefore the body tends to have weight gain and digestive issues when you eat a heavy late night meal.

  1. During Week 2: You will eliminate ALL starches, fats. We will introduce fresh juice for concentrated nutrition. If you don’t have a juicer, perhaps you can borrow one or there is a fresh juice shop nearby. The other option is a strong blender and a fine strainer.
  1. During Week 3: You will begin the week having fresh juices for 1-3 days...your choice. We will gradually add whole foods back in beginning with broths, cooked veggies and some fruits on day 2-4, depending on how long you juiced. On day 5 & 6, smoothies, salad, cooked veggies. Day 7 & 8 Kitchadi...a hearty Ayurvedic Indian dish that will replenish gently and very satisfying. We will refrain from meat this week.

According to Ayurveda, immunity is connected with the digestion. When digestion is strong and appetite is good, then immunity is strengthened, and whatever weakens digestion, weakens immunity. Immunity-boosting foods include fresh, organic, easy to digest, pure and wholesome ingredients including fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and ghee (clarified butter). Digestion-enhancing spices (such as ginger, cinnamon, cumin and coriander) should be added to foods while cooking.

Pampering Yourself
Warm baths with oils, moisturizing skin from head to toe, engaging in calming meditation while gazing at the warm light of a candle, and a gentle yoga routine, all soothe the mind and body. Draw on the love of Kapha with all things moist, and the fire of Pitta with all things hot and spicy, and the Vata in all of us will feel balanced and supported.

Tips to get the most out of the cleanse:

Natural Cycles: It is important in the “reboot” of your system that you realign with natural cycles of sleep, eating, high energy and quiet times, etc. When does your body want to do these things? Tune in and listen rather than imposing your will on your self. Listen and oblige!


What to put in your Body

         A few facts about water:

        When the body is forced to retain water, it will.
 If the fluid intake is insufficient to provide all the water required, the body withholds water from the kidneys and the urine becomes scanty and highly concentrated, imposing a certain strain on the kidneys. If that is insufficient, excess of water will be withdrawn from the intestinal tract, with the result that the feces become hard and dry. On the other hand if someone drinks more than his body requires, the surplus is promptly and easily eliminated. Trying to prevent the body from retaining water by drinking less is therefore not only futile but also even harmful.
  • Broths: We recommend simple veggie broths especially during weeks 2 and  Bone broths are ok during your first week. And Beyond Broths are great anytime! Click here for Coco Broth recipe which you can enjoy throughout your cleanse...morning, noon or evening!
  • Herbal teas: Drink as much as you want.
  • No sweeteners except Stevia
  • No coffee or caffeine (you can have green tea).
  • Colonics: I recommend 2-3 during the cleanse. You can do enemas instead. Colonics are similar to a high enema. They gently flush the colon with water eliminating impacted fecal matter and toxins.

A clean colon dramatically reduces food cravings, gas, bloating, and constipation. A clean colon means improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, increased energy and mental clarity, and a general overall improvement of health.


If you would like more guidance and to work with Grace directly, contact her at

Happy Cleansing!