Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beyond Broth in a T-bag or powder?

We're a powerful powder! Beyond Broth comes in a packet, consisting of a powder of blended vegetables, spices, and wellness herbs.

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How do I prepare it?

It's quite simple! Here are our instructions:

  1. Place the powder into a mug or heat-safe cup.
  2. Add boiling water.
  3. Stir.
  4. Wait 2 minutes.
  5. Stir again and enjoy!

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How much water do I use?

8-12 ounces. More or less, depending on how flavor you want your broth.

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How many servings is it?

1 serving per packet. If you add additional veggies, protein, noodles, etc. you can make 2 bowls of food with 1 packet.

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Does Beyond Broth contain any meat products?

No. Beyond Broth is fully vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

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How much sodium is in it?

200 mg. We make sure to keep both nutrition and flavor in mind when crafting our blends.

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Why is it so red?

Beets us! ;) Though it is not the main ingredient, there is beet in our broth bases. Beet just makes anything red, like our faces after that embarrassing mom joke.

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Why are there granules or particles?

Those particles are simply finely ground veggies and herbs! To keep Beyond Broth as natural as possible, we don’t use any dissolving agents.

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What’s the shelf life of Beyond Broth?

2 years. We believe our instant broth blends taste their freshest within that timespan.

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How much nutrition?

It varies based on the blend.

Since each blend contains unique vegetables, spices, and wellness herbs, its nutritional contents differ. It's best to check the back of your individual packet.

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How does "Subscribe & Save" work?

It's simple, and you save 15% off of regular price by subscribing!

When selecting your favorite Beyond Broth blend(s) and quantity, select Subscribe & Save and choose whether you'd like your broth delivered to your door every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. You'll be charged and your product shipped automatically based on how often you'd like to recieve.

This way you'll never be without your favorite instant broth. Especially when you find out the hard way your family LOVES it.

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Does it come in bulk?

No, we don't sell our powered blends in loose bulk.

If you need a bit more instant vegetable broth (because you can't live without it), we suggest purchasing our sleeves of 18, or cases of 108 packets at a discounted price.

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How does it compare to bone broth?

In a unique way, it doesn’t! Beyond broth is all organic vegetables, spices, and wellness herbs.

We all need to eat vegetables for proper nutrition. It's a delicious fact. Beyond Broth's carefully selected veggies, herbs, and spices contain the vitamins and minerals that are part of what we need to create collagen, which is naturally produced in the body.

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Can I add other ingredients to Beyond Broth?


You can also add other ingredients like coconut oil, nutritional yeast, or dulse flakes (seaweed) to make your mug of instant broth more nutrient dense.

Create 5 minute meals by adding your favorite veggies, proteins, grains, or whatever you're feeling. You can create 2 bowls of food using 1 packet of broth.

We also recommend adding our instant broth to:

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Is it kosher?

Yes. Beyond Broth is certified by Earth Kosher. Nosh away!

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Is there sugar?

No added sugars, something we're proud of. Any sugars in our instant vegan broth come naturally from the included veggies.

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Can I use it to make soups or stews?

Definitely, but we recommend having a bit more Beyond Broth on hand.

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Is it a meal replacement?

No, it is not, but it makes for a filling snack!

You can create meals with our broth by adding your favorite veggies, proteins, grains, or whatever you're craving. Create 2 bowls of food using only 1 packet of broth.

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What’s the difference between the three blends?

What makes each broth blend unique are its wellness herbs and spices.

Our blends have the same vegetable base: sweet potato, carrot, beet, spinach, leek, parsley, celery seed, a touch of garlic, sea salt, and black pepper.

The herbs change in each variety:

Immune has Reishi mushroom, turmeric, cumin, and nettles.
Vitality has rosemary, thyme, lemon, and cayenne pepper.
Yummy Tummy has ginger, basil, and extra parsley.

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Does Beyond Broth contain any soy or gluten?

Nope. If you're sensitive to either, our broth blends are completely free of both soy and gluten.

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Can it be used on the Whole 30 diet?

You bet! Due to the healthy nature of our broth blends, our product falls in line with the Whole 30 diet rules*.

*Our product is not officially affiliated with, or endorsed by Whole 30.

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Is it Paleo?

Yes, although Paleo-era peoples likely wished that vegetable and herb gathering was this simple.

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Is it good for different gut issues?

Absolutely, and our Yummy Tummy blend is made specifically with digestive health in mind.

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Is it good for cleanses?

Totally! Beyond Broth is a healthy, organic way to get essential nutrients while on a cleanse or fast.

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What’s the difference between Beyond Broth and bouillon or premade broths?

It all comes down to health and nutrition. We only use 100% organic vegetables and herbs…nothing else!

Bouillon or premade broths are loaded with salt and other unnatural ingredients to enhance flavor, preserve ingredients, and dissolve contents into smaller particles.

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How many calories per serving?

Only 30 calories per serving. One of the most nutritious snacks or meal additions you can find on the market per-calorie.

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