In Celebration of Valentines Day...A Simple Act of Self Love

February 14, 2017

In Celebration of Valentines Day...A Simple Act of Self Love

As you are mostly aware… I have a new business, Beyond Broth, which is an organic vegan instant broth with wellness herbs. I created it out of the need for when I don't have time or the energy to cook.

I really enjoy cooking and creating really delicious healthy nourishing meals. I find that as a single woman when I no longer am feeding a whole tribe… I don't cook quite as much and I created a product that I can create a delicious meal in just five minutes.

On this day of celebrating love...I decided to take some time out and cook a meal for myself that took longer than five minutes :-) and I wanted to share it with you.

I sautéed spiralized (or grated) zucchini, grated golden beet, garlic, green onions and tofu... added some leftover brown rice. I topped it off with roasted brussels sprouts,broccoli and cauliflower and toasted sunflower seeds which I ground into a powder and sprinkled on top with a little bit of nutritional yeast. My body feels the love as I slowly enjoy😘

How are you loving yourself today?

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