January...Love Your Kidneys Month!

January 09, 2017

January...Love Your Kidneys Month!

In Chinese Element theory, health is looked at from a variety of aspects, (i.e the environment/climate we live in, the different organs of the body, emotional states of being, the physical elements- earth, wind, water, and fire. Winter time is associated with water, and the organs associated are the kidneys and the bladder. To keep them healthy, it is extra important stay warm and hydrated. Drinking extra water, and having hot soups and teas are great ways to cleanse the organs, while maintaining optimal function.  And even though the holidays are filled with great celebration, they can also be taxing on the body. It is good to love our kidneys! Start off the new year right by showing them some extra love and care this winter!

Daily Wintertime Rituals

1. Being that wintertime is associated with introspection, it is also a good time to reflect on the dreams you have. In the mornings when you awake, try remembering what you dreamt about. Write them down as a way to connect with the files of your subconscious

2.  Eat soup three or more times a week. Go ahead and add some Beyond Broth into your daily rituals this month!

3.  Drink cinnamon and ginger tea. They are warming and nourishing and taste delicious!






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